Night & Day Collaborative Workspace

Night & Day is a collaborative workspace created by and for women and nonbinary freelancers, remote workers and creatives working in industries dominated by men.

Night & Day is a network and co-working space for women & nonbinary freelance and remote workers. Membership provides access to the space (and all the resources it includes such as high-speed internet access, telephony, refreshments, and social benefits), networking events, joint advertising ventures and exclusive in-network discounts.

It also offers mentoring, advice and information exchange between those with varied specialisations. Memberships operate on a sliding scale from permanent, fully customisable desks to communal hotdesk spaces.

I co-founded the space and was responsible for brand identity, website design, marketing (including copywriting and content creation for the site), resource allocation, interior decoration, planning of the physical space according to members’ requests and requirements, and communication between administrators and members regarding the daily running of the project. To see the full site, click here or on the logo above.