Night & Day Collaborative Workspace

Night & Day is a collaborative workspace created by and for women and nonbinary freelancers, remote workers and creatives working in industries dominated by men.

Night & Day is a network and co-working space for women & nonbinary freelance and remote workers. Membership provides access to the space (and all the resources it includes such as high-speed internet access, telephony, refreshments, and social benefits), networking events, joint advertising ventures and exclusive in-network discounts.

It also offers mentoring, advice and information exchange between those with varied specialisations. Memberships operate on a sliding scale from permanent, fully customisable desks to communal hotdesk spaces.

I co-founded the space and was responsible for brand identity, website design, marketing (including copywriting and content creation for the site), resource allocation, interior decoration, planning of the physical space according to members’ requests and requirements, and communication between administrators and members regarding the daily running of the project. To see the full site, click here or on the logo above.

Mania Systems

Mania Systems offers complete and integrated IT solutions.

Whether it’s Web Development, DevOps, Infrastructure Management, Telephone Systems or help with Remote Working Solutions, our friendly and professional team will make it easy for you.

Mania Systems is a small telecommunications and IT services consulting firm, with whom I work in-house as a web and graphic designer. Having recently diversified our services, the decision was made to rebrand to Mania Systems.

My brief outlined the target audience of smaller, younger startups and SMEs wishing to form a more direct relationship with their telecomms provider.

My initial ideas played with retrofuturist themes. This is apparent in the Jetsons-esque bold block colour images, big 1960s style script font and graphic cartoon style colour palette.

A complete series of icons and page header assets for each of the six main services offered by the company: Web Development, DevOps & Automation, VOIP & Telecomms, Network Infrastructure and Remote Working Services.

Additionally, a basic website wireframe and style guide  were required. The full, completed homepage can be seen here, with the remaining pages still in development.

61 Candles

At 61 Candles, all our candles are made by us, just for you.

I was commissioned to create a brand identity and prototype website design for 61 Candles- a small business specialising in handmade scented candles in rare or hard to find scents.

The brief specified three main concepts: that the style be simple and natural feeling, avoid heavily feminine imagery such as floral motifs, and that it feel warm and personal. These principles were the basis for the natural and warm toned colour palette selection, and the rounded block colours used in the page assets and font selection.

I began with a selection of logo designs and coordinated rough mock ups. I included quirky details (smoke wisps, matchsticks, leaves) in each, to give each a slightly different style and feel. I created a set of page assets designed to work in any layout, that could then be reused as graphics on print materials.

Elements from each wireframe were then incoporated into the final site wireframe, shown below.

The final full wireframe, pre content, can be found here.

Lumo Photography

Lumo Photography was a small, independent photography company specialising in weddings and wedding related photoshoots. I was commissioned by the owner to create a brand identity and prototype website wireframe, including allocation of pages names and site content outline. For an overview of the brand image creation process, click here.

I chose purple and gold on white with green accents; a colour scheme designed to broaden my client’s appeal to LGBTQ and alternative couples.

The client enjoyed the personal, hand drawn style of the flower illustrations, in particular the combined lilac and lavender.

This set of fonts, colours and illustrations created the beginnings of a simple but quirky and personal branding style, which I crystallised into a design style guide and final full site wireframe for developer use, with filler used to allow the client time to provide their final content as the site was being developed.