61 Candles

At 61 Candles, all our candles are made by us, just for you.

I was commissioned to create a brand identity and prototype website design for 61 Candles- a small business specialising in handmade scented candles in rare or hard to find scents.

The brief specified three main concepts: that the style be simple and natural feeling, avoid heavily feminine imagery such as floral motifs, and that it feel warm and personal. These principles were the basis for the natural and warm toned colour palette selection, and the rounded block colours used in the page assets and font selection.

I began with a selection of logo designs and coordinated rough mock ups. I included quirky details (smoke wisps, matchsticks, leaves) in each, to give each a slightly different style and feel. I created a set of page assets designed to work in any layout, that could then be reused as graphics on print materials.

Elements from each wireframe were then incoporated into the final site wireframe, shown below.

The final full wireframe, pre content, can be found here.